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Obtaining or maintaining your properties in Greece
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Who we are?

HouseM.A.N. Brokers is a private company based in Greece, officially established in 2018 in order to provide all the property related services to local and International owners or potential buyers.

Our company has created all the necessary links with other highly professional companies in order to provide to our clientele all the tools for obtaining or maintaining their property in Greece. Our legal collaborators and our tax and accounting consultants are only a few of our available sources.

Together we build the mechanism for generating income and capital gain.

Our financial specialists can provide consulting services to any fund holder and assist in the decision making based on all calculated investment yields.
Once we know your profile as an investor we focus only on relevant projects and we choose together where your money can grow safe.
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Why Choose Us?


It is our number one goal to maintain your privacy. We believe that the key to a successful co-operation is trust.


The common denominator of all members of our team is “Professionalism”.

We Care

We give to your needs the same care we would give to ours.

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