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Ellis 5 Project


Ellis 5 Project

29 apartments for rent, located at a 6-story building. The apartments are allocated between the 1st and the 6th floors, occupying 1790 square meters in total while there are also two basements and a ground floor commercial zone.

Architecture and interior design

The architectural approach has as a main goal the creation of comfortable and pleasant spaces. Every apartment in ELLIS 5 PROJECT is idealized in relation to their size and design. The façade of the building unifies the structure and underlines its elegance. The spacious balconies combined with the large windows allow all the sunlight and the air to enter the apartments, while the way the external areas are separated offer the maximum privacy.

The interior of ELLIS 5 PROJECT aims at the best quality of stay, at a space that has been designed to harmonize the presence of natural and industrial elements, creating a modern and elegant environment, as well as an atmosphere that inspires the inhabitants to wander in its corridors and enjoy the feeling.


A team of skilled architects and engineers took care of the new design of the building, with a lot of respect to nature and the humans. During the refurbishment, all the plumbing and cabling has been replaced, new sound and thermo-insulation materials have been used, new high quality aluminum systems have been installed, new floors and new layouts, and among several important works, new sanitary and kitchen facilities have been chosen in order to fulfill the expectations of all those who believed in that project and decided to live in it.


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